July Creative Challenge

Each month I invite you to join a creative challenge. I design the challenges to be relatively simple, easy ways to reawaken creativity in your life. Each challenge has it’s own hashtag that you can use when sharing on social media so others can find your work.

I also love when you send me links to your projects (along with your name & url if you have one) so that I can post them here for everyone to see.

The July Soul Wild Creative Challenge
Eavesdrop A Poem

Materials Needed

Pencil/Pen and Paper, that’s all!


For this challenge please use the hashtag #EavesdropPoem


This challenge is deceptively simple. The goal: create a poem. The difficulty: create a poem out of other people’s words. Spend a day collecting conversations. Specifically pull out phrases that other people say (friends, family, strangers – it’s all good.) Write each of them down in a small pocket notebook or on a piece of paper, or hey get crazy and save them to your phone.

You have one day and one day only to collect conversations!

The next day, take the conversations and create a poem out of the words. You don’t have to use them all, but you can not use words that you did not overhear. You poem can be any length, one line or 100 hundred lines, whatever it takes.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Are there any common themes running through the conversations you heard?
Do you want to create the poem from one conversation or many conversations.
How does the act of collecting words change how you perceive other’s conversations?

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