Survive an Avalanche

This creative exercise is part of a series related to uncovering buried aspects of yourself through art. If you complete this exercise & would like to share what you create, use the following hashtags: #iamsoulwild and #surviveanavalanche. Survive an Avalanche I know I’m asking for a lot with this one but if I was to […]

Uncovering Buried Aspects Of Yourself Using Art

Have you ever read an old journal entry and wondered to yourself – Who is this person, it couldn’t have been me? It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that we were somehow better at a different stage in our lives or that certain traits we possessed are no longer ours. The fact […]

The Art of Invisibility

Invisibility. Invisible. Unseen. Things that lurk in shadows. Things that hide in plain sight. Secrets. Unspoken Words. Witnessing. Mystery. Magic. This Quarter’s Theme (July – September) Welcome to a month of honoring the invisible. The Soul Wild theme* for July-September 2017 is Invisibility. Over the upcoming months we will explore all the ways in which […]

Creativity For The Fun Of It

Life. It starts off all about play. We discover the world around us by touch and taste, by sight and sound. We draw in the dirt and create imaginary friends from thin air. We see shapes in the clouds and sing unintelligible songs to make ourselves laugh. We eventually graduate to Crayolas and Elmer’s glue, […]

The Heart Asks For Pleasure First

Welcome to Soul Wild. I hope that here you find a place where you can simply be. I hope that I can prompt you to create and explore and I hope we become friends who one day laugh at how we met a long time ago through a little blog about the creative life. Pleasure […]