Do you need more creativity in your life?

You’ve come to the right place.  I started this blog because I missed being creative. I kept thinking, “I used to….” instead of “I do” when it came to creativity and that’s not how I want my story to go.

Why Soul Wild?

Soul Wild is state of being free, of throwing off your shackles and stepping into the light. Creativity can heal. It can nurture us and surprise us. We can use creativity to change our lives, to allow us to become Soul Wild.

What to Expect

Soul Wild is a theme based blog.  We will spend months exploring creativity and how it relates to a specific theme.  During those months we will work on creative challenges, create deep meaningful conversations about the theme and allow our minds to wander where they want to (there are enough things that restrict us in this day and age, this space is all about freedom and is a stress free zone).  There are no hard and strict rules so come and play, hang out and get to know the community!

Start your Journey

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