Life. It starts off all about play. We discover the world around us by touch and taste, by sight and sound. We draw in the dirt and create imaginary friends from thin air. We see shapes in the clouds and sing unintelligible songs to make ourselves laugh. We eventually graduate to Crayolas and Elmer’s glue, carefully cutting with tiny scissors and pushing hard with our favorite color to eek out outline’s of those we love – rotund and distorted but obviously loved.

We are free and fearless. We use brilliant greens and daring reds with abandon. We draw ufo’s in the belly of whales, dogs eating strawberries and gigantic ice cream cones in the hands of tiny people. We see nothing wrong with coloring outside of the lines, in fact there is a bit of a thrill in doing it

And then our art starts to become assignments – things that are meant to be judged, stories that should be easily deciphered. They slowly turn into objects that can be graded and dissected by those who know better then we do. The ufo’s may still be there but we hide them in the clouds. People become big and ice cream cones become small. Our loved one’s look more like humans but less like love.

We grow more and suddenly productivity and money become more important then creativity. Creativity on deadlines dulls the senses. We forget how to draw without thinking of how our drawing will be perceived. We forget how to paint our dreams with bright and gaudy colors. We follow trends…if we create at all.

But this can stop. We must stop it. We can step out of all of this, pull out a piece of paper and just create. Create for no one at all. Create because your soul loves to be stirred. Create because color is beautiful and texture is fanciful. Create because you still love the smell of Elmer’s glue and the sight of construction paper. Create because creativity is a way of listening to your spirit. Unlearn what you have learned and simply create for the fun of it.

What can you create today (think easy and simple)?

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