What was left behind.  What we leave behind.  Where we find ourselves sometimes.  Artifacts.  Mystery. Whispers & Echos.  Mementos & monuments.  Lives once lived.  Places to begin again.

Unbury Uncover Excavate Create

This Quarter’s Theme (October – December)

Welcome to months of exploring ruins. The Soul Wild theme* for October-December 2017 is Ruins. Over the upcoming months we will explore what has been left behind.  We will endeavor to understand what the past can teach us, imagine the lives once lived & explore the way we hold on to destruction in our lives and how we can let go.

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We will wander through cobblestone streets, research the history that surrounds us and reach out to souls long gone in search of beauty, understanding & awe.  We will get lost & become found, each day rebuilding upon foundations we forgot existed but have longed to remember.

Ruins Exploration Preview


We will photograph today & yesterday.

Creative Play

We will use imagination to travel through time.


We will learn about daily life in cities long gone.

*Here at Soul Wild we work with a specific theme every 3 months to help us frame our creative exploration in a meaningful way.

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