Welcome to Soul Wild. I hope that here you find a place where you can simply be. I hope that I can prompt you to create and explore and I hope we become friends who one day laugh at how we met a long time ago through a little blog about the creative life.

Pleasure & the Heart

The Piano

The title of this post is also the title of one of my favorite songs.  It is from the soundtrack of the movie The Piano (wonderful movie if you haven’t seen it) and for me it embody’s the longing for freedom, happiness, joy, and beauty that I often feel.  It is a reminder that pleasure is something to value, that we need to feed our hearts in order to satisfy our souls.  

In a world where it can often feel like life is money driven and constrained by expectations and lack of community, listening to our hearts and welcoming new experiences is vital to combat overwhelm, fear, lethargy and disillusionment.  How many times does our heart have to ask for pleasure before we answer its call?

A Beginning

This is my very first blog post here.  First.  Empty Slate. Beautiful Possibility. I am being called to explore what a creative life is and can be.  I am ready for this journey. We are ready for this journey, are we not?

I invite you to adventure with me and search for new ways to experience the soul’s call for creativity in our lives.  While some of this exploration will take the shape of traditional artistic activities such as painting, drawing and writing, it will also move outside of that box and use areas such as food, travel, work and relationships as expressive venues.  Life can not be segmented into neat little boxes and I don’t want to do that on this site – we must find our happiness in our own realities and so much of our realities are made up of what we consider mundane (though if we look closer we will see there magic inherent in those).

My Truths

I believe that freedom can be found in creative expression, that the heart doesn’t just ask for pleasure, it yearns for it.

I believe community is vital to the creation of a beautiful life and that life-enhancing community can come in many forms, including an online one.

I believe that there is value in the process of creating, that the finished project isn’t necessarily the only masterpiece.

I believe that art can help us work through things, that our soul communicates with us when we give it the canvas to do so.

I believe that everyone is creative and that there is no good or bad when it comes to our creations.

I believe there are answers waiting for us if we choose to seek them. And we always choose to seek them don’t we?

Thank You

Thank you for coming here.  I invite you to close your eyes and listen to the song I titled this post after.

Have you been listening to your heart?  Are you ready to?

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