Invisibility comes in many forms. Sometimes it occurs because something has no physical form, like a thought or a feeling. Sometimes it occurs because we purposefully hide something, like a scar. And then sometimes it occurs because we simply do not have the physical capability to see something or to see the details of that thing.

damaged nerve microscopic
Picture of a damaged nerve

How much of the world do we miss because we simply can not see it? If we could change the level at which we perceive something what else woulc change? The other day I watched a tiny ant try and try again to figure out how to carry the wing of a termite to it’s home. The wing was too large, the ant too small. I watched as it made decision after decision about what to do – I watched a world I don’t take the time to look at often because of it’s size and I felt filled with wonder.

respiratory virus
Single cell of a respiratory virus

Photographers have found fascinating ways of capturing tiny worlds. Microscopic images of ordinary objects are sometimes beyond belief. A moth wing looks like the most delicate lace, shark skin looks like something made by man, the human tongue, quite honestly, is a tad too close to a horror story for my liking when you view it up close.

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When wonder feels hard to come by, just remember that there are worlds within the worlds we can not see.”]

You might be surprised to find out that two of the photos in this post are from the Center for Disease Controls electron micrograph collection. Not the first place you might think to go looking for artistic images right? But that is exactly the point – Beauty exists in places we don’t expect it to. The world will never stop amazing us. If you are feeling a drought of inspiration or a lack of awe, changing the level at which you view the world can change everything.

moth wings
Detail of Moth Wings – Original Photo by Pitschuni on Flickr

Artistic Micro-Photography Collections

bed but
Ventral surface of a bed bug

Next time something strikes your interest look closer and then closer still. If you really feel inspired, get a microscope – go in search of the tiniest of tiny treasures. The world is large, but it is also very very small and that my friends is a beautiful thing.

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