Each month I invite you to join a creative challenge. I design the challenges to be relatively simple, easy ways to reawaken creativity in your life. Remember, you don’t have to be an ‘artist’ to create.  We are creating purely for the enjoyment of creating.  Outcome is unimportant.

I love when you send me links to your projects (along with your name & website if you have one) so that I can post them here for everyone to see.

The December Soul Wild Creative Challenge: Colorful Ruins

Materials Needed

A dark marker.  Crayons, pastels, colorful markers – anything to add color with. Paper.


Each challenge has it’s own hashtag that you can use when sharing on social media so others can find your work.

For this challenge please use the hashtag #ColorfulRuins


Use a dark marker to draw an abandoned house. Take a picture of the drawing in this state.

Once you have drawn the abandoned house, I want you to spend a little time thinking about who once lived there, how they spent their days, what kind of pets they had, who they loved.

When you are done dreaming, bring your house to life with color.  There is more to a house that has been abandoned then bricks and stone.  It has been imprinted by the lives that were lived in it.  Show us what they left behind.  You can add in specific objects or simply use color to express this.

Take a picture of the colored version of your drawing and spend a little time looking at their similarities and differences.

Questions to Ask Yourself

How did you feel about the uncolored house versus the colored house?
Why did you choose the colors that you chose?
In what ways have you forgotten some of the beauty that is hiding in your own ruins?

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