This creative exercise is part of a series related to uncovering buried aspects of yourself through art. If you complete this exercise & would like to share what you create, use the following hashtags: #iamsoulwild and #surviveanavalanche.


Survive an Avalanche

I know I’m asking for a lot with this one but if I was to take a guess I bet you have already survived many in your life. This exercise is a creative visualization meant to help you recognize your self-imposed fears and uncover areas of your life you might want to develop more.

Spend a few minutes thinking about things that hold you back. Is it time, or money, lack of support? What are the things that are standing in the way of your dreams?

Once you have those clearly pictured, I want you to imagine that all of these things have been packed into boxes and are falling down from the top of a mountain landing around you. When they land they are sitting at your feet, some still intact, some broken open. You may feel a little battered, but you survived the avalanche. Which boxes cracked and which stayed closed? Are you ready to let go of the the ones that showed you they wanted freedom? Is it time to say good-bye to any that want to remain with you?

One by one take the boxes you are ready to part with and throw them over the mountain’s edge. Allow their weight to leave you and witness your new found lightness.

Now start digging – dig until you find more boxes, older ones that have been frozen for a long time. Recover three or four of these and let them thaw in the sun.

Once they have thawed open them carefully. What do you see? Are they items that remind you of hobbies you once had? Are they parts of your personality that were once dominant yet now whisper? Do you want these things back? What will you do to make that happen?


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