Invisible. Unseen. Things that lurk in shadows. Things that hide in plain sight. Secrets. Unspoken Words. Witnessing. Mystery. Magic.


This Quarter’s Theme (July – September)

Welcome to a month of honoring the invisible. The Soul Wild theme* for July-September 2017 is Invisibility. Over the upcoming months we will explore all the ways in which we hide or are hidden. We will experiment with being secret observers, bring forth parts of ourselves that have been longing for light and allow other parts to remain hidden while still giving them a secret wink of encouragement.

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We will play hide and seek with the world, erase ourselves in order to see ourselves more clearly and use observation as a creative tool. We will create and destroy, set fire to the notion that we have to be anything other than what we are and search out the mystery of the unknown.

Invisibility Exploration Preview


We will create a poem from words we overhear.

Creative Play

We will play the part of a ghost photographer.


We will learn about a work of art by Yves Klein.

*Here at Soul Wild we work with a specific theme every 3 months to help us frame our creative exploration in a meaningful way.

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