Have you ever read an old journal entry and wondered to yourself – Who is this person, it couldn’t have been me? It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that we were somehow better at a different stage in our lives or that certain traits we possessed are no longer ours.

The fact is those things you hear in your old voice, they are simply parts of yourself that are lying dormant for one reason or another.  We are going to do some work to uncover that person because trust me, she is there and she has been patiently waiting for someone to grab the shovel and start digging.



Life has a way of creating archeological pits out of our souls. Every tear, fear and struggle teaches us something but also requires that we allow some aspects of ourselves to die. As the years go by, parts of ourselves that were once very familiar become lost to us, buried so to speak by the years and our experiences.

While some of the leaving behind is helpful, clearing out space for growth, we also leave behind parts of ourselves that we love whether that is our hobbies, passions, goals or unique traits. They become invisible to us but they are not truly invisible, they are just covered up waiting for us to unbury them.

Creativity as a tool for introspection

Art is one of the most effective tools for helping us uncover parts of ourselves we fear are lost. It is a deeply personal tool that allows use to have a dialogue with ourselves without having to filter it thought the constructs of language.

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When we paint, draw, write or imagine, we are opening ourselves up to a greater reality and within that reality normal rules don’t apply. You can be messy, fierce, crazy or sad. You can scream with your pencil, laugh with your colors or whisper with your textures. Nothing has to be off limits.

And with this freedom you also gain the freedom to be honest – the most important step to truly seeing yourself. Things we have left behind are many times associated with big emotions and the honesty and freedom that art allows us is what is needed if we are going to dig deep and wade through our own debris to find the diamonds.

What Aspects of Yourself Do You Want to Uncover?

I would love to hear about what aspects of yourself you are missing lately and how you are honoring those parts and giving them light to grow by.

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